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from Michael Blouin and Anvil Press July 2022

First press reviews are in, and they're good!

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What if Billy the Kid not only didn't die, but was saved by a woman?

History tells us that the short and violent life of William Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, ended at the hand of Pat Garrett on the moonless night of July 14, 1881. But I Am Billy the Kid tells a different story, straight from Billy himself. This revisionist history seen through the lens of a twenty-first century sensibility features the picaresque hero we thought we knew and the unexpected one that we don't; a fearless and determined young woman who is in no mood to be saved and would much prefer exacting her own revenge.

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Michael Blouin has won Best Novel in Canada in 2009 and 2021, been shortlisted for the Amazon First Novel Award, the bp Nichol Award, the CBC Literary Award, and is a winner of the Diana Brebner Award and the 2012 Lampman Award. He is represented internationally by Hilary McMahon, Executive Vice President of Westwood Creative Artists. His most recent work is in Arc Magazine and in Taddle Creek Magazine, most recent books are the novel "Skin House" and the anthology "The Group of Seven: Contemporary Stories Re-imagining Historical Canadian Paintings". Forthcoming are the novel "I Am Billy the Kid" and the collected poetry "Southbound". His most recent novel is landing on the lunar surface with NASA in 2022 and with SpaceX in 2023.

I AM BILLY THE KID is his sixth book.

(author photo: Paulina Hrebacka)

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BTK cover final.jpg


Release Date July, 2022

I AM BILLY THE KID launches in July of 2022. Order now:

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“Unlike anyone else you have ever read. A daredevil. Take a few consecutive hours out of your life, and read, in one sitting, a book that is compelling, insightful and thoroughly unconventional. Creates vivid images revealed in the author’s beautifully lean and powerful voice. Scores of vignettes are drawn together into a single, breathless tale of endurance, like water droplets coalescing into a dark pool.

Buy it.”

– The National Post

First Press Review for I am Billy the Kid:

True Grit

Blouin’s impressive, imaginative western sees Billy the Kid on the run

(Reviewed by Bob Armstrong in The Winnipeg Free Press)


"takes readers down a path blazed by Canadian poets Michael Ondaatje and bpNichol"

"imaginative resurrection"

"wise, sardonic, reflective, deeply surreal"

"surprisingly funny"

"The Billy of legend is said to have carved a notch into his pistol for each man he killed. Blouin’s Billy, who would consider that a waste of time that only a damn-fool writer could come up with, should give the author the chance to carve some notches on his pen this fall during Canada’s literary awards season. His aim is dead on target."

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